E-Book: How to Hire for that "Special Something"

Have you ever had a salesperson who had that "special something?" They had the desire and commitment to succeed  and ability to make it happen. Despite their occasional shortcomings, their customers are conscious that they've had a particularly good experience, spend more and have a high life time value for the company. 

Everyone wants these people in their organization, but most don't know how to find them. It doesn't have to be a crapshoot. At Kurlan & Associates we use a process that can be applied in any organization to find, select, interview and ultimately hire the right salesperson for our clients

I've put together a free E-book with:

  • What to pay attention to in your job postings
  • How to leverage job sites
  • Where you should be automating your process 
  • How to filter candidates 
  • An appropriate interview process
  • and much more. 

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