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Sales Leader or Sales Follower?

Posted by Rocky LaGrone on Mon, Jul 15, 2013 @ 15:07 PM

It was a great day on the golf course, two clients and a potential referral for me.  The weather was nice (a rare occasion of late, with all the rain and humidity)!  And the golf Angels were being kind to my swing, BONUS! 

As usual after exchanging pleasantries and offering lots of strokes like: Nice shot! Great put? Suuuweeet chip! And all the other accolades of encouragement to each other.The strokes began to lean towards humor and then transform into harassment and trash talk!  My kind of golf! 

Around the 11th hole the mud really started flying and competition had set in.  Not only to win the hole but to zing one another.  Gimmes of even one foot were no where to be found.

Rick the apparent daily golfer was kicking everyone’s tail and enjoying every moment. He had a one footer for birdie and we all remained silent forcing him to make the putt for birdie.   After he sunk the putt, Rick commented about everyone having lock jaw and reminded us of the three and four foot gimmes he had given each of us on earlier holes. 

golf backgrounds

John’s reply was justifying, “ Well, Rocky whispered to me,  "Make him putt it!”  Rick’s quip back, “Are you a leader or a follower? Just because Rocky said that doesn’t mean you had to go along with him.”

That struck me as a powerful position to take and reminded me of all the stupid things prospects request and why most salespeople acquiesce without a second thought or a simple challenge as to why the prospect is making the request.  Examples:

  • Sending information without qualifying the next step.
  • Sharing pricing before creating value.
  • Sending proposals with no clear guidance of approval process.
  • Selling to the wrong person/group/team.
  • Agreeing to pre-mature demos.

The causes of all of the above and many others not listed, generally lies in what we in the OMG world identify as Hidden or Invisible Weaknesses and Neutralizers.  In other words:  What is happening between the ears and below the surface of the salesperson’s conscious mind that neutralizes their strengths in that moment in time. One of those in particular is Need for Approval. This among other weaknesses will drive the un-necessary and un-productive but automatic response to the prospect: 

  • Yes I sure can.
  • Or I’d be happy to when can I call you back?
  • What e-mail can I send it to?
  • Sure, I’d be happy to set up a demo and show you how we can help?

If you want to find out:

  •             How much you can grow?
  •             How long it will take to get there?
  •             What will be required to get there?
  •             What your expected return should be?

Are you ready to lead your team to the next level or will you follow where they wind up?

Just reply with a yes and let me know the best time, date and number to contact you.  

If you think you have what it takes to be one of our Partners ask me about our Affiliate Program. 


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