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Helping Airlines (and every other vertical) Compete by being Different.

Posted by Frank Belzer on Mon, Jun 13, 2011 @ 02:46 PM
Frank Belzer is the Sales Archaeologist and Author of Sales Shift.

Every Industry and Vertical faces challenges, don't they? And some of those challenges are unique, are they not? But ultimately when we boil it down we find that the fundamentals are pretty similar - regardless of industry, climate and economy we all need to sell what we do and compete with others doing the same.

Let me share an experience that I had while training some managers from a major airline, this should typify one of those challenges.

The group of 30 had been broken into 5 teams of 6. I assigned each team the task of becoming one of their competitors and presenting to the other groups why someone should travel with them. The remaining groups guessed as to who the were supposed to be, that was a lot of fun.

Here is the interesting part - they all sounded the same. The benefit statements were all exactly the same! The reasons why were all exactly the same! This response represents one of the big problems within not just the Airline Industry but all industries - differentiation. What is it?

Every company and every sales person says they want to and says they believe in the importance of differentiation and yet time and again we find that everybody is saying the same thing - #1, Quality, Best, 5 Star, Premium, Satisfaction Guarantee, Top Rated, Excellence etc etc etc......

Clients and prospects are immune to those phrases, they have heard it before and what is more than have been disappointed before. Often the word "excellence" or "quality" will trigger negative emotions and memories of promises that were not delivered. One of the most valuable things we can do is help companies learn how to position themselves in this market. Sound Different, Get Attention, Be Different and Deliver the Extraordinary.

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