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Free E-Book Released - Part Two is on Motivation

Posted by Frank Belzer on Thu, Jul 07, 2011 @ 04:06 PM
Frank Belzer is the Sales Archaeologist and Author of Sales Shift.

Don’t worry this isn’t a trick – the link to download the e-book for free is Right Here

But, what is it about the idea of “free” that spurs people to action?


As an example this post will no doubt get 10 times more hits because the word “free” is in the title – in fact maybe this is even why you are reading this article and have not read others? Don’t feel bad – but certainly a good question to ask is why do we go for free? Why do we go for free regardless of what it is? Why do we go for free and sometimes run from value?

Now if you are still reading here is my point. We regularly post really insightful articles here – Dave Kurlan does, Chris Mott does, Rick Roberge does and they are all just a tab click away, yet rarely do they push anything as being free! But the value is huge. That said many folks that could use the help that is provided without charge simply pass right by because it is not plastered with the words FREE!

I thought most of us were tired of “everything must go” and “last chance” and “factory clearance” and “huge sales” but apparently there is still an appetite for anything simply labeled – free.

As it happens there are tons of free goodies on our site that have helped lots of companies but we don’t push them as Free – we don’t want that to be the first step or the cause of interest. If people just took the time to explore their needs they would find video clips like Dave Talk about Evaluating Sales People . They would find other free tools like this and like this. There are other free e-books and whitepapers and even some recorded training webinars – you guessed it – all 100% Free!

So why not push more of the “free” stuff? What’s wrong with us?

Because people tend to overlook the value of something that is free. People that are looking for free often have the wrong motivation.  People that look for free in business want someone else to invest more in them or their company than they are willing to invest themselves. In short – free usually involves no commitment! Lack of commitment is a problem in society and a problem in business. In our space we often observe the horrible effects caused by a lack of commitment throughout a sales organization.

Rick and I provided some “free” contingency based sales training a while ago. At the same time we had some people that had paid for the training – guess which group did better?

Some of these paying clients received advice and they followed some tips and suggestions and doubled their business in a matter of months! Not free but worth every penny you might think – wrong it was free because it more than paid for itself.

So I probably should have blogged about motivation – but that is what the FREE e-book will cover.


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Frank, you're on fire! You and I have had 100's of conversations with one man businesses over the past year. I had thought about it before this, but some of them gave us several thousand dollars and have generated more than a hundred thousand dollars in new business. Whereas, some did not pay for help, thus saving several thousand dollars and their business is exactly where it was when we spoke (or worse). I guess the moral of the story is the only people who pay for help is the ones that don't invest in it. They pay with their life.

posted @ Thursday, July 07, 2011 5:32 PM by Rick Roberge

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