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7 Ways to Get Better at Closing - and Start Selling!

Posted by Frank Belzer on Fri, Jul 15, 2011 @ 06:36 AM
Frank Belzer is the Sales Archaeologist and Author of Sales Shift.

I know, the title might sound obvious - but is it?

So many of the sales people we evaluate do a good job at hunting (digging up new business opportunities) or qualifying (understanding why the prospect needs their help) but then they fail when it comes to the final part of the sale - closing.

What if you only had one opportunity to close each and every prospect? In whatever time you spend together you are only going to have one moment, one chance to ask for "it"?

Well in reality you do only have one moment - so what should that cause you to do?

  1. Be on the watch for it.
  2. Listen intently for it.
  3. Want to know if you were moving closer or further from it.
  4. Have an Idea as to what to say when it happens.
  5. Understand what is driving it.
  6. Understand what is preventing it.
  7. Expect it to happen

Think briefly about the affect of all 7 of those to do's on your sales meetings. You will have to listen, be observant, understand the prospect, follow a process and be overflowing with confidence - sounds great! Hence my point - work on closing and watch the rest of your game improve.

The Great Generals of History have followed a similar process, work on one very specific thing and watch everything else improve. Julius Caesar focused on his men trusting him, Napoleon focused on the unexpected, Lee wanted surprise, Alexander saw the value of speed and so it goes. Sport teams are good examples as well - move the ball, defense, take advantage of "x" etc...

In the past I admit that I have spoken approvingly of the concept of a "close" happening because the client has been moved by good qualifying and the uncovering of compelling reasons. They also trust and view the sales person as an advisor. When everything is perfect the prospect drives the close by asking "what do we need to do to get this fixed?"

But what if that doesn't happen? What if you get to the point in the process where they should ask and don't? And even if you wanted that to be the approach you use with every opportunity you still need to focus and work your meetings around the anticipation of that closing moment.

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