Salesenomics - Many Sales Organizations Are Stuck in the 1980's

2 Questions That Will End Every Request for a Better Price

Sales Forecasts Do Not Have to Be as Wrong as Fortune Cookies

When Your Sales Opportunity Stalls, Do You Call Roadside Assistance?

Most Salespeople are Underdogs Like the Boston Red Sox

Most Sales Processes, Funnels and Pipelines are How Old?

Hidden Sales Competition and Why it Could Happen to You

How to Prepare for the Coming Sales Team Super Storm

The Sales Compensation Plan from Hell and How to Improve It

The Chainsaw Massacre and Building Sales Teams

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Why More Salespeople Are Being Recommended for Difficult Selling Roles

The Bob Chronicles Part 5 - Bob Can't Win This Argument Over a Sales Core Competency

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8-Year Old Houston Astros Fan Demonstrates a Huge Secret of Sales Success

Will Salespeople Travel or Continue to Work Remotely in 2022?

How Gas Grills, Gardening, Masks, and Baseball Mimic Your Sales Team

Crappy Salespeople and Lack of Urgency Alignment  - The Bob Chronicles Part 4

31 Conditions That Predict Your Sales Opportunity is in Trouble

How to Become More Successful One Day at a Time

How to Get Your Audience to Fall in Love With Your Virtual Event

MUST READ: Are Assessments as Evil as the Persona Movie Suggests?

Why I Believe We Should Blow up the Business Development Rep (BDR) Role in Sales

Startups Almost Always Get The Sales Thing Wrong

My Simple COVID Relief Plan Actually Provides Relief

How Pitchers Fielding Practice is Exactly the Same as Salespeople Role-Playing

How to Use Buckets to Improve Sales Performance and Coaching

How Overthinking the Turnover Problem Impacts Hiring Salespeople

The Baseball Experience That Continues to Generate a 28% Increases in Sales

Good Bob, Bad Bob, The Stockdale Paradox, and Sales Success

Two Selling Strategies That are More Effective Than Facts and Figures

Data - Top Salespeople are 631% More Effective at This Than Weak Salespeople (The Bob Chronicles - Part 3)

Why Sales Transformation Achieves Better Results Than Sales Training Alone

New Movie Has 3 Great Lessons for Salespeople and Sales Managers

Are Sales Managers Coaching More Frequently Now That Everyone is at Their Desks?

My Prediction - What's in Store for Sales Teams in 2021?

2021 Challenge:  Put a Little Beatles Into Your Selling!

Key to Successfully Hiring Salespeople: Getting it Right Versus Getting it Over With

The Nutcracker in 2020 and 3 Critical Year-End Lessons for Salespeople and Their Managers

My Dog Has Better Listening Skills Than Most Salespeople and I'll Prove It

How a Mug of Dunkin Can Help You More Effectively Sell Value

The $225,000 Selling Mistake Most Salespeople Make

There is More Than One Type of Bias in Hiring Salespeople

Found! The Caliper vs OMG Comparison: Which Sales Candidate Assessment is More Predictive?

2020's Ten Must Read Sales and Sales Leadership Articles

Why I Can't Talk About This form of Rejection Anymore

Data Shows That Your Sales Team is No Different Than Your Lawn

Selling Over Video - The Six Things You Must Do Next to Improve Your Look

New Data - Most Sales Managers are a Disaster When it Comes to Coaching

The Problem With Having Crappy Sales Managers

First Steps to Generate More Sales Opportunities Today

The Correlation Between Milestones, Sales Process and Sales Success

The Keys to Fourth Quarter Sales Success in 2020

New Data Shows an Overlooked Finding Correlates to Sales Effectiveness

Senate Confirmation Hearings Shows Us What Salespeople Do Wrong Every Day

The Difference Between OMG and Extended DISC Assessments

Top 10 Reasons Not to Test Your Sales Candidates

New: The 21 Sales Core Competencies for 2020 And Beyond

The Crucial Step Missing from Most Sales Training Programs

Masks and Sales Assessments - You Lose a Little Freedom and Control for Safety and Confidence

How the Correlation Between Restaurants and Covid 19 Applies to Sales Assessments

Most Companies Can Boost Sales From 30-100% in Just One to Two Years

3 Selling Characteristics for the Age of Covid, Politics and Recession

The Best Solutions for Hiring Great Salespeople for Your Company

FDR and Sir Isaac Newton on Why Salespeople Fail

FOX News and CNN Can Help You Conduct Better Sales Opportunity Reviews

15 Things Salespeople Must Do to Make up for a Lackluster 2nd Quarter

Data Shows Sales Commitment and Motivation Changed During Quarantine

Sales is Like Baseball and Baseball Can Save Capitalism and Liberty

Why it is so Difficult to Compare Sales Effectiveness from One Salesperson to Another

How to Achieve Sales Mastery - A Collection of Loosely Connected Thoughts

New Data Reveals Interesting Differences in Salespeople's Ability to Work From Home

How Much Has Video Impacted the Way We Sell?

The Real Reason Why So Many Salespeople are So Bad at Selling

Definitive Playbook to Lead a Sales Force Out of the Current Crisis

One Thing Your Company Must Do Right Now to Increase Sales

10 Critical Best Practices for Your Sales Force in This Crisis

Why Reopening the Economy Won't Be Enough To Turn Things Around

Why the Future of Selling Won't Resemble the Past

Companies Surprised by Unexpected Remote Selling Challenges

15 Lessons Learned from Converting a Multi-Day Conference to a Virtual Online Event

Why You Will Finally Pay the Price of Not Selling Value

3 Steps You Must Take Today to Save Your Company From This Economic Downturn

The New York Times' Misleading Article on Assessments and Their Use Cases

How Companies Choose Sales Training Companies is Backwards

New Data Reveals a Finding That Correlates to Sales Success

Is Your Sales Force More Like a Dunkin', Starbucks or Panera Drive Thru?

The Science Behind One Company's Top Sales Performers and Why They're So Much Better

The Deal Breaker That Prevents you From Hiring a Great Salesperson

An Inside Look at Why 3 Good Salespeople Failed and 3 So-So Salespeople Succeeded

Salespeople in Small Companies are 43% Better at This and Other Salesenomics Insights

Dave Kurlan's Predictions for Sales Organization in 2020

The Most Successful Negotiation is The Negotiation That Isn't Needed

The Top 15 Sales and Sales Leadership Articles of 2019

Only 11% of All Salespeople Do This at the End of a Sales Call

What Sales Organizations Must Learn from the Impeachment Hearings

Are You Using This New Technology to Generate New Opportunities?

Video Conferencing for Salespeople - To Zoom or Not to Zoom?

Good Sales Recruiting is Like Selecting Movies and TV Shows

New Data Reveals a Magical New Score for Sales Effectiveness

A Tale of 3 Squirrels and Their Human Counterparts in Sales

How Sales Coaching Utilizes a Quid Pro Quo

Sales Process and Why So Many Salespeople Lose Their Way

What is the Sales Stack and Do You Need it?

Elements of an Effective Elevator Pitch

New Data Shows That Top Salespeople are 2800% Better at Disrupting the Flow

Using the Most Powerful Sales Tool to Get What You Want

Change in Approach Leads to 304% Increase in Sales Effectiveness

You're Normal and Your Sucky Salespeople are Probably Normal Too!

Did You Know That The Beatles Taught us About Selling?

How Big of a Role Does Age Play in Sales Effectiveness?

The Bearded Lady, My Shaving Pattern and Your Sales Pipeline

How All Those Trucks on the Road Can Help You Stop Discounting

The Best Salespeople are 791% Better at This Than Weak Salespeople

The Best Salespeople are 2733% More Likely to Have This Than the Worst Salespeople

How to Transform Your Sales Pipeline Today

Putting Some Hollywood into Your Sales Presentations

Your Last Chance to Make a Good First Impression

Win a Free Coaching Call with Dave Kurlan and 4 More Prizes

How to Raise the Incomes of Minimum Wage Workers Without Wealth Distribution or Socialism

How to Know if You Are You Really Selling Consultatively

How Top Salespeople Anticipate and Manage Resistance

The New Salesenomics

The 14 Lies Preventing Salespeople From Getting Their Prospects into a Buying State of Mind

10 Reasons Why Salespeople Hallucinate

Dave Kurlan's 23 Steps to Improved Channel Sales

What to Do with the Salespeople Who Become Your Biggest Problem

Using the Power of a Duracell to Help You Hire Perfect Salespeople

2 Selling Shortcuts That Will Always Work

The Voicemail Message with Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Six Overlooked Factors When Hiring Salespeople

The 21-Day Solution for the Toughest Sales Weaknesses

How the Rubber Band Sabotages Sales Performance

Are Salespeople Still Using the Hard Sell?

The Power of Smart Differentiation in Sales

One Question Provides Salespeople with Instant Feedback on How Well They Differentiated

Dave Kurlan's 10 Rules for Effective Sales Emails That Connect With New Prospects

Why Coaching Causes Some Sales Managers to Hold On for Dear Life

How to Use the Your Experience with Turbulence to Overcome Resistance

Salespeople Make This Mistake - The Dumb Question I Was Asked in a Hotel Restaurant

Hiring Salespeople Should Not be Like a Coin Flip

I'm Sorry But Your Sales Process Sucks

An Easier Way to Coach Salespeople - For a While

Great News! The Latest Data Shows That Salespeople are Improving

Do the Least Informed Salespeople Have the Loudest Voices

Top 13 Requirements to Help You Soar as a Sales Manager

The Top 8 Requirements for Becoming a Great Salesperson

Popularity Polls are Just Like Sales Management Tracking Metrics!

Dave Kurlan's 10 Surefire New Years Resolutions For All Salespeople

The Top 10 Sales Articles of 2018

Why are Half of All Sales Reps Still Missing Quota in a Booming US Economy?

How Getting Feedback and Making Adjustments are the Keys to Sales Improvement

Would Henry Ford be Able to Sell Cars Today?

Speed Limits, the Flow of Traffic, and Sales Pipelines

Data Shows That Only 14% are Qualified for the Easiest Selling Roles

The Wrong Salespeople are Hired 77% of the Time

Last Day Madness on the Sales Force - That's One Kind of Urgency

How I Realized That Selling is Just a Bunch of Crap

Examples of How Salespeople Lose Credibility with Their Prospects

Golden Nuggets from the CSO Insights 2018 Sales Talent Study

New Data Shows that You Can Double Revenue by Overcoming This One Sales Weakness

Salespeople With This Weakness Score 47% Worse at Reaching Decision Makers

Which 4 Sales Competencies Best Differentiate Top from Bottom Salespeople?

Where Can You Find the Best Salespeople?

The Top 12 Factors that Cause Delayed Closings and What to Do About Them

Data Shows 1st Year Sales Improvement of 51% in this Competency

How to Achieve Short-Term Explosive Growth from your Sales Team

How the Cheesecake Factory Menu Can Make You a Better Closer

Finally!  Science Reveals the Actual Impact of Sales Coaching

Do the Best Sales Managers Have the Best Salespeople?

New Data Shows That Elite Salespeople are 700% Less Likely to Do This

Elite Salespeople are 26 Times More Effective at This Competency Than Weak Salespeople

Does Being a Strong Qualifier Correlate to Having a Strong Pipeline?

Elite Salespeople are 200% Better in These 3 Sales Competencies

Latest Data - Strong Salespeople Score 375% Better Than Weak Salespeople

Sales Pipeline Data Shows That Most Late Stage Opportunities Just Aren't

Latest Data Shows Most Salespeople Would be Fired or Arrested if they Worked in Accounting

New Data - Are Experienced Sales Managers Better Sales Managers?

The Latest Data Shows That Sales Managers Are Even Worse Than I Thought

Sales Playbook and CRM Problems - What the Data Tells Us

New Data Shows How Relationships and the Need to be Liked Impact Sales Performance

New Data Shows Sales Weaknesses Cause Powerful Chain Reactions in Salespeople

10 Reasons Why Parents of Toddlers Make Better Sales Coaches Than Sales Managers

What You Should Never Do on LinkedIn to Do Business with Your LinkedIn Network

Eliminate Delayed Closings Once and for All

Discovered - Data Reveals the Second Biggest Obstacle to Closing More Sales

Discovered - Data Reveals the Biggest Obstacle to Closing More Sales

Improper Use of BANT Will Cause You to Kill Opportunities

Great Example of Why Sales Success Is Not Always Transferable

New Data Reveals Why Veteran Salespeople Are Not Better Than New Salespeople

Improve Your Win Rate and Shorten Your Sales Cycle by Doing This

Data Shows Most Salespeople are Dinosaurs When it Comes to Social Selling

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