What Is the Makeup and Function of the Ideal Sales Force?

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Thu, Dec 12, 2013 @ 12:12 PM

studyThe million dollar question.

So many studies are conducted - but only on large companies.

So many findings are published - but they don't apply to your company.

So many findings are discussed - but they don't address what to change.

I've written four White Papers over the last several years, all backed by science and data from the more than 700,000 salespeople and sales managers that Objective Management Group has evaluated and assessed.  They include:

  • The Science of Salesperson Selection
  • The Science of Sales Longevity
  • The Trust Project - Why Aren't Salespeople Trusted and Who are Trusted the Least?
  • The Challenger Style and Its Impact on Sales Selection

You can request a free download of the first 3 papers if you don't already have them.

My next White Paper will discuss the makeup and function of the ideal sales force.  To help with this paper, and to learn how closely companies have structured their sales force to the ideal, I am requesting your help.

You might be asking, so, what is the ideal?  I'll reveal that in the White Paper because to reveal it in advance of the study runs the risk of influencing your answers.

I invite you to participate in the study - a collection of 26 simple, but targeted questions that will provide us with the data we need to make this White Paper useful for everyone with a sales force.

If your company has salespeople, if you are in management, and if you care as much about sharing good information as you do about receiving good information, you should participate in this study.

Finally, this is an incredibly busy time of the year and there is a lot of information being pushed out by a lot of people, so it's very easy to miss some valuable content.  Here are links to some of the articles you might have missed since the Thanksgiving break:

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