Mass. Senate Race Alternate Ending Compares with Major Account Selling

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Wed, Jan 27, 2010 @ 13:01 PM

By know you must know about the recent special Massachusetts senate race between Democrat Martha Coakley and relative unknown Republican Scott Brown, the eventual winner.  Well guess what!  If this hard fought campaign had taken place at the same time 49 other states were holding their senate elections, Martha Coakley would have crushed Scott Brown.  But, since it was only such election being held, attention, and far more importantly, campaign contributions, endorsements, support and actual campaigning came from all over the nation.  All of that extra attention and support got him elected.  It was a full-court press!  Of course it helped that Martha did not run her campaign very well. 

Relate this to a major account sales initiative. What if you had the ability to do what Scot Brown did, each and every time you had a major account opportunity?  What if those major accounts could be leveraged in the same way as Scott Brown's senate seat?  What if you could amass the focus and attention to that opportunity?  What would your full-court press look like?

Elections and Major Account Sales Opportunities are essentially the same thing. Convince more people to vote for you than your competitor.  

Hint: It wouldn't be about what would it be about and how would you run your campaign? What normally untapped resources are at your disposal? Especially if you are the underdog, the lesser known, the small company, or the niche player, how would you win your prospect's vote?  Comment here and let's see how creative you can be!

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