Hiring Salespeople - Poor Phone Interview Comes to Life Part 2

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Thu, Oct 25, 2007 @ 12:10 PM

Earlier today I posted this article about a candidate's response to his phone interview.  I responded with this:

"Thanks [name withheld], for your thoughts, however misguided they are. Did you think this email would enhance your chances of moving to the next round?"

And he fired back this email:

"My thoughts aren't misguided and this email had nothing to do with moving to the next round. I am glad I am not moving to the next round as I stated at the end of my last email. After learning what little I have about you, I would have no desire to work for you or any organization you are a part of."

"It has been a good learning experience. It shows that all of us in sales, including yourelf, will always have more to learn. It is a never ending learning experience and I have enjoyed it immensely for the last twenty one years. I will continue to enjoy it and learn when I become connected with an organization that works runs on integrity and respect."

As you can see by now, the assessment also indicated he has difficulty recovering from rejection and has low self-esteem.  This email is his attempt at putting himself back together.  How would you like to have a salesperson, who each time he was rejected, shot off an emotional, sarcastic email to the prospect, thereby slamming the door shut?

Lesson - you can't skip any steps in the recruiting process.  When the assessment says "Not Hirable" it must be a flat-out No.  When the assessment says, "Hirable", they must still ace both the phone interview and your face to face interviews or you can't hire them!

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