Sales - What the Data Tells Us - The Series

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Wed, Aug 13, 2008 @ 22:08 PM

Is there data which actually illustrates and supports what drives sales performance, hiring great salespeople, and developing salespeople?  Is it meaningful?  If the data is compelling, would you modify your views, beliefs, practices and behaviors? 

I've written a number of articles based on my research, our data from assessing more than 500,000 salespeople, statistics and/or pure science.  Some of the articles pertain to sales performance, while others are based on the hundreds of thousands of salespeople whom we have assessed.

This article series is called Sales - What the Data Tells UsWhile some of the articles simply report the research and/or data, others share either my insights about the data or provide data to support my insights.  Here are the articles:

Another HBR Article on Sales Leaves Me with Mixed Feelings
Are (Lack of) Results Due to the Salesperson or the Company?
When are Salespeople Too Old to Sell Effectively? 10 Conditions
Getting Reluctant Salespeople to Fill Their Empty Pipelines
The 5 Keys to Effective Sales Coaching and Results
Why Do So Many Salespeople Fail to Make Quota?
Why Most Companies are Struggling to Grow Revenue
Does Your Sales Force Look Like This?
Sales Leaders Got These Issues All Wrong
Should You Restage Your Sales Pipeline?
Another Sales Assessment Takes on OMG - What Does it Reveal?
Are Women in Sales Less Trainable?
The Sales Assessment Client Who Didn't Renew after All These Years
Most Salespeople Suck at Selling
Revealing Study of Salespeople Makes News at HBR
The Latest Astonishing Findings About Sales Managers
Another Behavioral Style Assessment Pretends to Assess Salespeople
The Science of Achievement Applied to Sales Success
Caliper and Selling Power Hit and Then Miss the Mark on Sales
Harvard Business Review Hit and Then Missed the Mark on Sales
Personality Assessments for Sales - The Definitive Case Study
Fact Based Reasons Why New Salespeople Fail - the Data Points 
The Top 10 Reasons Why Sales Commitment is More Important
Sales Longevity - The Science of Predicting Sales Turnover (This is One of My White Papers)
The Correlation Between the Findings and Performance
The Modern Science of Salesperson Selection - (This is one of my White Papers)
Ultimate Comparison of Sales Superstars and Sales Losers
Pfizer Reduces Size of Sales Force by 20%
10 Reasons for HR and Sales Management to Hire Winning Salespeople Using Assessments
Sales Assessments - More Accurate Than Sales Management Thinks
How to Elminate the 80/20 Rule on Your Sales Force
What Do Sales Managers Do With Their Time?
Misleading Sales Numbers Part 2
Where Are All the Hunters and Farmers?
Sales Coaching - Between the Lines
Myths About Top Performing Salespeople
Sales Hiring Efficiency
Is He or Isn't He?
A Behavioral Styles Assessment versus OMG's Assessment
How to Find More Hirable Sales Candidates
How to Select More Effective Sales Candidates
Sales Statistics that Reveal Sales Effectiveness
Top 5 Reasons Why OMG's Assessments are More Predictive
Who Are Better Salespeople - Men or Women?
Misleading Statistics and Hiring the Wrong Salespeople
How Many Salespeople Shouldn't be in Sales?
More Than Half of All Sales Managers Should Consider...
How to Hire the Best Salespeople on the Planet
Are Sales Cycles Really Getting Shorter?
Does Sales Assessment Completion Time Affect Validity?
The Science of Selling - Rules versus Data
The Top 5 Factors to Prevent Sales Turnover 
Rejection Proof - The Science Behind Success in Sales
Top 10 Reasons Why Commitment Has Become More Important
But I'm a Sales Guy! The Story of Motivation and Compensation
What Sales Leaders Don't Know about Ego and Empathy
Call Reluctance in Salespeople - Causes, Factors and Predictors
Sales Effectiveness - IDC and CEB Draw Conflicting Conclusions
How Many Salespeople Made Quota in 2010?
Why Young Male Salespeople are at a Disadvantage
Can the Lack Commitment to Sales Success Finding be Wrong?
Can the Worst Salespeople be Saved?
How to Close a Sale using Proof of Concept
Beach Ball of Death Predicts Lack of Sales Growth
Rebuttal to What Elite Salespeople Do Differently


Topics: sales competencies, assessments, recruiting, Sales Coaching, accountability, leadership, Motivation

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