Steve Jobs Legacy on Selling - 10 Criteria to Sell Itself

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Wed, Oct 05, 2011 @ 22:10 PM

jobsSteve Jobs left many legacies and I thought it might be useful to discuss the one he left on sales.

Apple's products, under his direction and leadership demonstrated that people will buy, without being sold:

  • if the product is cool enough
  • if the value exceeds expectations
  • if the marketing creates demand
  • even if the market hasn't asked for it
  • when demand exceeds supply
  • when the design is near perfect
  • when its uncool not to have it
  • when it changes how we interact
  • when it changes our lives
  • when it changes the world
If your products or services don't meet those 10 criteria, chances are you have to sell it instead.  So what can you, your people, your company - anybody - do to get you closer to "it sells itself"?
Should it be:
  • Easier
  • Sexier
  • More Powerful
  • More Obvious
  • More 21st Century
  • More Intuitive
  • More Complete
  • Smaller
  • Bigger
  • Cheaper
  • More Cutting Edge
  • Faster
  • Louder
  • Quieter
  • Better
What can you imagine, conceive, or create that you've been unable, unwilling, or unpaid to do before?
If you could create something that would sell itself, what would you be able to go and sell with your free time?
My words are knee-jerk reactions at one moment in time.  I'm sure I missed more than I captured.  What can you add to this article?

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