Sales Success and Motivation and Emotions - Is it Similar to Athletic Competition?

Posted by Chris Mott on Wed, Sep 23, 2009 @ 11:09 AM


I'm not a big boxing fan but I do like to watch the pre-fight training documentaries HBO presents for upcoming title fights. I love the commentary on attitude, focus, motivation, and giving 110%. For me the most important element is "why they fight and for what?"

On the subject of "why", HBO has a great documentary on the USA Women's Soccer Team.  The team states that while they had tremendous competitive drive their real motivation was to legitimize the game of soccer for young girls. Now that's something to be motivated by - a real purpose.

In the last few months HBO has been following the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight.

In one of the final interview clips both fighters make statements about nerves.

  • Mayweather said, "People talk about nerves causing a fighter to lose his grip and as a result, the fight. I don't get nervous, it just doesn't happen to me."
  • Marquez said, "It is normal to get nervous before a fight. It happens because you don't know what is going to happen; worrying about being worried is the real problem."

What drives you to achieve greatness? Can you clearly articulate it and, when you do, can you feel your emotions?  How do you perceive your own nerves and how do you react to them?

In an interview I conducted yesterday I observed a sales candidate physically flinch in response to several of my questions. Do you know who flinches in your sales organization and what specifically causes their reactions?

Staying in the moment while remaining emotionally quiet, and motivation for success are two of the most critical elements for overachieving in sales, sales management, and leadership.  

How do you compare in these areas?

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