Salespeople Need an Opening Line

Posted by Chris Mott on Wed, Apr 07, 2010 @ 14:04 PM

What’s the purpose of exhibiting at a show? Do you attend so your clients will see you? Do you go because your competition is there? Whatever your reason is, the primary value of any show is to acquire leads.

In the film The Pursuit of Happiness Will Smith's stock-broker manager talks about “well qualified prospects”. Finding out if someone is well qualified includes: are they a decision maker, do they have a problem which they need to fix and are they willing to invest money to fix it.

Trade shows allow you about 5 seconds to get someone's attention. Do you have an opening line? Does it fit the audience? Does it force people to speak? Does it make them think? Have you practiced it? If not you aren’t ready for the show!

Topics: Expectations, close more sales, Great salespeople

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