Great Sales Organizations Require Great Sales Leadership

Posted by Chris Mott on Mon, Aug 30, 2010 @ 12:08 PM

Several weeks ago I experienced first hand why people don't respect salespeople. I was interviewing a candidate who was over-trained and under-coached. His had a solid resume with statistics and facts. He was personable and presentable. He had industry experience and a good track record. Sounds great, doesn’t it.

What we were seeing was veneer, polished but not ready for prime time.

It’s important that you push back on salespeople when you interview them. This peels away the veneer and shows the real candidate. When I did this his personality changed and he became robotic. He stopped listening and began using forced technique to take control. The result was a terrible interview. What struck me was I don’t know if he ever saw what had happened.

It’s intuitively obvious when what may be a good sales tactic become technique. If you train salespeople on skills and don’t work on delivery inconsistent execution and sometimes “technique on parade” will be the result.

The causes of this can be many; losing control of our thinking, feeling rejected, getting frustrated or annoyed, not being prepared, not having a strategy, not following the strategy, not agreeing with the strategy or bravery challenges are just a few. The best possible anecdote is practice a lot. Through curve balls and push back on each at each other. Pay attention to your tonality and delivery and most of all have fun. Selling shouldn’t an unpleasant activity.

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