Sales Leadership 2.0

Posted by Chris Mott on Fri, Sep 10, 2010 @ 10:09 AM

Do you have the skills, desire, willingness and expertise to build an exceptional sales organization? 

  • Do your sales leaders thrive on growing and developing people?
  • Are they highly passionate about the team’s success?
  • Can they remove their egos and accept mini failures?

Great sales leaders understand their limitations, leverage their strengths, ask for help and find ways to implement other people’s ideas.

The most common concern I hear is inconsistent execution. There are many causes of this, not the least of which is, do you have the right people in the right roles? Other issues include metrics, inspection, urgency and management skills. How effective is your sales leadership as coach, mentor, motivator, recruiter and driver of accountability and what are you doing to improve your salespeople’s skills?

In almost every interview I conduct the candidate says, “I’m a consultative salesperson”. The problem is they can’t explain the “how” and most of the time they don’t demonstrate they have the skills. What is your value proposition, can your sales team articulate it, is there a selling process, do they follow it and how effective are they at differentiating themselves from the competition and creating high value relationships?

External influences impact our attitude, bravery and clarity. Salespeople react differently to this; some need close monitoring and others a kick in the back side. Sales leaders must know their people better than they know themselves. Are you a great role model for attitude, bravery and clarity? What causes you to loss focus and where do you go for help?

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