Sales Process Needs to Trump the Buying Process

Posted by Chris Mott on Wed, Jun 29, 2011 @ 15:06 PM

If you play Bridge or Whist you know what a trump card is. It takes the hand even if cards of face higher value are played in the suit lead, i.e. diamonds, spades etc. Typically the dealer chooses the trump suit. If two cards from the trump suit are played the high face value wins. Trump cards make the game more complex and add a lot of strategy.


When I Googled the phrase “how to buy wisely”, the first page offers advise on purchasing carpet, insurance, groceries, cars and products in Spain. Yesterday a client told me they have concluded that “buyers” are paid to manipulate and take advantage of salespeople. Sound familiar? If not open your eyes.

In previous posts I talked about why a sales process is important. Benefits include, consistency, common language, measurable milestones and improved qualification.

Having a plan or process is critical to success in sales, how it’s applied makes the difference between excellence and solid performance.

Prospects want us to follow their purchasing process. Everything they do is designed; not always intentionally but often out of habit to extract as much information as possible from salespeople as early as possible. This helps their end game of removing us from the buying decision.

How much control and influence does your sales organization have over the buying process? Do your salespeople allow prospects to be the driver or do they strategically use their trump cards and establish greater equality? When this occurs consistently a higher percentage of opportunities will close. Requiring your salespeople to push back and say no more makes them stronger and more resilient. This will help them influence the buying process and improved their performance.

Topics: sales, Management, strategy, prospect buying strategy

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