The Sales Pledge – Identify, Explore and RECAP

Posted by Chris Mott on Tue, Jul 05, 2011 @ 14:07 PM

The GOP’s new mantra is Cut, Cap and Balance. It’s simple, understandable and easy to communicate. Whatever your political persuasion, whether you believe the words or not, it’s a great phrase. Heck it’s only three words!

Salespeople need a mantra. I like Identify, Explore and Recap. Identify an issue the prospect cares about, explore it, (who, what, where, why and how questions) and then RECAP what you heard them say.

Since Monday I’ve had half a dozen conversations where the question of recapping came up. When asked how frequently their salespeople recap the answers were not much, not enough, and I don’t know. Talk about “ouch,” how can this possibly be true?!

Recapping won’t close a deal or cause manna to rain from heaven, but it will clarify your conversation, demonstrate that you are listening and most importantly get them agreeing with you. Prospects generally don’t believe what you tell them, they do however believe what they say. Getting them to agree out loud is critical to establishing “Speed On Bases” (SOB).

Today we begin the second half of the year. Six months remain to achieve your goals and grow your business. What’s your mantra for the balance of 2011? Is your sales force ready and able to meet the challenges ahead? Are you?

Take the sales pledge - Identify, Explore and Recap. It’s good for you and your business!

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