A CEO’s Actions Will Turn the Marketplace

Posted by Chris Mott on Thu, Feb 19, 2009 @ 15:02 PM

Unfortunately many CEO's are looking at QI as a wait and see period. 

Let's consider some facts, no one is expecting the economy to improve soon, efficiency and cost savings won't protect existing business or create new sales, most salespeople and managers haven't lived through a down economy and a majority don't know how or want to hunt.

So what's a CEO to do? Change will only come from you. This means if you want to survive and thrive, I'm assuming you're not giving up; you must raise your expectations and invest money and time in sales.

Critical Issues

  1. Coaching and Mentoring - many managers are unskilled here and lack the desire to do it.
  2. Hunters - are your people really ineffective, who has potential to improve and what must change to accomplish this?
  3. Attitude - salespeople and sales managers are emotional, you can't expect them to manage themselves.
  4. Behavior - managing the numbers won't work anymore, sales is about behavior and execution. Most sales managers were terrific salespeople who loved autonomy. Autonomy and self-management is the wrong approach.
  5. Pipeline - how accurate and reliable is your data? Is it predictive, can your managers teach lessons from it and grow your salespeople?


  1. Raise your expectations
  2. Evaluate your sales organization using an outside expert
  3. Get in the lifeboat with your salespeople and stay there for a while
  4. Visit and meet your customers frequently
  5. Demand greater accountability for hunting
  6. No more excuses
  7. Remember that your sales organization must change to survive.

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