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Posted by Chris Mott on Wed, Apr 28, 2010 @ 13:04 PM

Complacency is an insidious thing.   It is corrosive by nature and can be very contagious.  We all suffer from it to varying degrees and unfortunately complacency often rears it's ugly head at the very moments when it has the greatest impact on us.  Whether it is complacency about relationships, health, co-workers or our clients, the effects of our complacency undermine our success, happiness and state of mind.

Today I read an article Everyone is a Salesperson by a peer sales development expert in Cleveland. Basically it tells a couple stories, stories about Sales Culture and the people (our employees and clients) who bring the culture to life.

The stories are about having fun, allowing people to do what they love, commitment, outlook, personal responsibility and risk taking.  Remember, the definition of risk is a willingness to give up something you already possess for the possibility of getting something better. The key phrase being "something you already have".  So if you don't have anything there can never be any risk.

I suggest (be careful not to say "no" just because it's a suggestion) you read it and then ask yourself some questions. Be honest, you might have an epiphany!

Here's the article Everyone is a Salesperson

  • What did you read that you know should be happening more at your company?
  • How do the people and personalities impact your "sales culture"?
  • How much of your time is spent on nurturing and directing your sales culture?


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