Sales Potency vs. Sales Credibility

Posted by Chris Mott on Tue, May 31, 2011 @ 14:05 PM

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Salespeople spend a lot of time building relationships in an attempt to gain their prospects trust. While trust is important, it’s only a small piece of sales greatness.


To overachieve and thrive, salespeople must consistently add value and demonstrate advisor status. An expert demonstrates credibility by showing knowledge of their subject matter. An advisor manifests credibility through their presence


In the film Hitch, Will Smith advises a client to demonstrate “shock and awe” at an important meeting. Potency is often used in biology to quantify the impact of a compound or drug. In sales, it can be viewed as the result of creating “shock and awe” in a sales setting.


Do you as CEO or sales leader know whether your sales force has sales potency?


Can you honestly answer yes to these questions?


  • Prospects share personal information not usually talked about
  • Your salespeople effectively change their prospects thinking
  • Prospects discover and agree they are looking too narrowly   
  • They accept some responsibility for the challenges they face
  • Prospects almost always ask you to help them


Salespeople are significantly impacted by non-supportive thinking. Sales leaders and CEO’s need to continually challenge the thinking, help people to identify how it's affecting them and find ways to increase their sales organizations capacity to demonstrate Sales Potency.

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