CEO's and Sales Leaders Need to Get to the Root of the Problem

Posted by Chris Mott on Tue, Jun 14, 2011 @ 15:06 PM

To drive top line revenue your sales force must successfully execute your sales strategy. When done consistently revenue will increase and the pipeline will fill. This assumes you have a clearly defined and understood strategy.


Based on people’s skills, management’s effectiveness and adherence to a sales process your sales force will accomplish this “X” percent of the time. Like the weather though this percentage is influenced by conditions on the ground.


Yesterday I spoke with a client who needs to increase the activity level of their salespeople. They are doing a good job in the area of metrics and tracking. The problem is the numbers are not where they need to be. Sound familiar?


I asked what the root causes are. This started a conversation that resulted in them focusing on two things; the factors driving call reluctance and a better defined calling process.


Whether the issue is new business or closing percentage you must first identify the root cause and get your salespeople to agree with this.


Most companies need their sales force to find and close more new business, either by taking market share or adding new clients. Unfortunately a lot of salespeople are not very effective at this.  This means you need to either hire new people or develop your people’s skills.


So what are some possible causes of a prospecting problem?


?         Issues with Rejection or Need for Approval

?          Discomfort about calling more senior decision makers

?          Solid earnings that create a sense “all is well”

?          Being out of practice and fear of getting started

?          Not being prepared for pushback from prospects

?          Concern about the calling script not being effective

?          Fear of failure

?          A sense that prospecting is less productive than other tasks


As the CEO or Sales Leader you need to help the team discover the cause of the problem, gain agreement on this and put an action plan in place that addresses it.

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