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Posted by Chris Mott on Wed, Apr 14, 2010 @ 09:04 AM

I was at the gym Monday "starting over again" after a week away. As always I saw a woman I know working with her personal trainer. Twice a week she's there huffing and puffing. Several months ago I asked what motivated her. She answered "I'm going to be fifty and I want to be healthy."  

How many of you fit that description?

In between sets of overhead presses and squats I congratulated her on her commitment and progress. Without hesitation Joe the trainer said; don't lose sight of the objective, progress, momentum and improvement. He couldn't have said anything more appropriate or profound.

Whether you're the sales manager or someone else is, do not forget Joe's words. It's all about sales progress, sales momentum and sales improvement. Which of your salespeople or perhaps yourself needs to hear these words today, tomorrow and the next day?

While you're thinking about Joe and his sage advice watch this video if you haven't seen it already Beating the Little Hater.

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