Tweeting Matters (Whether You Like It Or Not!)

Posted by Chris Mott on Fri, Oct 07, 2011 @ 10:10 AM

The following is a guest post from Preston Bowman the President and Lead Marketing Consultant at Stone Creek Consulting a marketing firm based in Olathe, Kansas. He's a leading marketing consultant and specializes in inbound marketing services and social media. Preston is a client of Kurlan & Associates so we asked him to write a partner post to Carole Mahoney's recent post about how salespeople use twitter over on Frank's Blog. Enjoy.  

Twitter.  Say the word in a group of ten people and you'll get 10 different reactions.  Some people live on Twitter with an addiction.  Others just don't get it, and don't have an account.  What do YOU think about Twitter? 

What if I told you that it doesn't matter what you think about it?  The fact is there are a large number of people that are relying more and more on Twitter for quick communication and to monitor what is going on their world of interest.  And their numbers are growing rapidly.  Whether you find yourself one of those being "sucked in" or those that really doesn't find value in it, if you ignore Twitter, if you choose not to look at Twitter as a marketing channel, you are making a mistake.  You are choosing to ignore a large segment of people who are trying to tell you that it is their primary form of information and communication.  That is potentially a significant loss of leads and sales.

Why is Twitter becoming a greater and greater influence in our society as a whole and in our marketing and sales efforts?

1. Smartphones

Projections show that the majority of cell phones in theUS will be Smartphones by the end of 2011.  People are doing more on their phones of what they used to do on a desktop computer.  That includes socialization and information gathering.  People will spend time doing things on Smartphones that they may not do (or do as much) on a desktop computer.  The Smartphone is the ideal platform for Twitter.

2. Communication Shifts

The rise of quick and convenient communication began with Instant Messaging and has not slowed down.  The younger the user, the more likely they are to use Twitter and texting to communication and research.  The ability to send someone a message without the need for more than one or two sentences and the ability to respond as quickly or slowly as one wants is an attractive combination for someone communicating on the move.  Twitter is quickly rising to the top for many as their preferred communication tool.

3. Instantaneous Crowds

Twitter allows a large group of people to quickly "gather" around a topic or news item.  Many people hear the news about a major event from Twitter before they encounter it anywhere else.  Just as news spreads in a physical crowd, Twitter provides the closest virtual version of the crowd.  If you follow a large number of people, many of those people also follow a large number of people.  When one sees an event, news item, or something interesting being posted, they "re-tweet" or copy it to their own friends, and the information cascades down to everyone - and at blazing speed.

There are more reasons why Twitter is not to be ignored for the serious online and inbound marketer, but these alone are enough to signal that it is time to stop sitting on the fence and start figuring out how Twitter fits into your marketing plan.

Need help?  Stone Creek Consulting specializes in online and inbound marketing strategies.  We'll be glad to help, or just point you in the right direction.  Tweet us at @combustionmktg

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