About Dennis

VP of Business DevelopmentDennis is VP of Business Development at Kurlan & Associates and brings his record of entrepreneurship spanning 30 years. He's founded, co-founded, and built eight companies from start-up to scalable to maturity, that were either sold, merged, or remain on-going, and he has learned powerful lessons that apply to any company in any industry. Now he is helping companies that possess a strong desire for faster growth and better sales leadership to meet their objectives, crush the competition, and achieve their dreams. Thriving on seemingly intractable business problems, he helps forge effective, often counterintuitive paths to exceptional business outcomes.

Dennis' specialties include executive leadership, sales management, business growth and development, and raising capital. He has substantial experience in sales development, product creation, training, coaching, and operations management.

Prior to joining Kurlan & Associates, Dennis built a nationwide network of manufacturers to serve his distribution clients, and trained and coached hundreds of existing sales personnel in the channel. He also hired and trained his own sales force and expanded operations from two to seven manufacturing locations in five years.

With core experience in strategy, growth, finance, and operations, Dennis provides C-level perspective to help clients get unstuck, make necessary changes, and achieve the success they envision for their companies and themselves.

He is also the author of the blog, Living Sales Excellence. Click here to read his latest posting.