Are You Giving Your Customers Cookies?

Posted by John Pattison on Apr 8, 2015 9:52:54 AM

Are you giving your customers cookies?Last weekend, my wife and I took our daughter, along with our 2 boys, out to lunch to celebrate her 9th birthday. This prefaced our trip to the LEGO Store and the American Girl doll store, each of which is perhaps a good topic for a future blog post. Lunch was at a restaurant we have been to many times which always has delightful food and service. As usual, our high expectations were met; both food and service were great. The waitress did absolutely everything right, and already had a good gratuity coming to her. But then she did one EXTRA thing -- she brought out a plate of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies for our kids. Not only did this thrill the kids, but as parents we were instilled with a truly deep degree of happiness and gratitude. Few things make parents feel as happy as when someone does something special for their kids.

As I drove to work Monday morning, I thought about how analogous this experience was to my professional life. At Objective Management Group (OMG), we sell our products through a global network of Partners -- some of the best sales development experts in the world. Just as my wife and I walked into that restaurant with high expectations for the food and service, OMG's Partners have come to expect actionable and insightful products delivered courteously, competently, and professionally. And just as my wife and I expected our waitress to provide equally great service to our children, our Partners would never expect anything short of these same standards when we interact directly with their clients.

Given all of that, isn't it wonderful when we can take our service one step further and do the equivalent of delivering a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies to the kids? At OMG, this might be the equivalent of making a product particularly tailored to a specific client, improving the data collection experience for clients, or providing the results in a more insightful manner.

We all love when someone does something to make us happy. But when we can take it one step further, when we can do something like making our client's client happy, or delighting a client in an unexpected and particularly meaningful way, when we can deliver a plate of chocolate chip cookies to the kids, we have done something even more special that builds a deep and meaningful connection.

I'll leave you with this thought... How can you exceed your customer's expectations in a deep and meaningful way? If you're fortunate enough to work in an organization that consistently delivers quality products/services with exemplary customer service, congratulations, but that makes the challenge of wowing your clients even more difficult! How can you deliver a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies to your customers?

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