Sales Podcasts and Video Interviews are Better Than Sales Articles

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Fri, Jan 27, 2017 @ 06:01 AM


Regular readers know that I write a lot - more 1,800 articles on sales and sales leadership since 2006.  I'll be the first to admit that the articles are not all award-winners but readers find most of them helpful, entertaining, and good enough to return for more.  And a few dozen of them have won awards.

But are the articles better than say, a lively podcast on the same topic?  A television interview?  A radio interview?

There are pros and cons to both.  The advantage of the articles is that you know what you are getting because you can see it and you know how long it will take to read since the vast majority take only a few minutes.  Interviews and podcasts run much longer, most ranging from 15-60 minutes, but the advantage is that you can really hear and/or see the message come to life so much more than with the written word. Why?  I'm a better speaker than writer!

Over the years there have been a number of interviews that were well done, and worth listening to and/or watching.  A good interview is so dependent on the interviewer, the questions they ask, and their ability to go off script and let the conversation flow.  

It is finally time to devote a series to podcasts and interviews.  Here are the top interviews with me from the past several years with the most recent at the bottom of the list:

  • Barb Giamanco (deceased in 2020) -  Video Interview - How to Improve Closing Ratios
  • Noah Goldman - The Enterprise Sales Podcast - on Closing, Patience, Slowing Down and Tom Brady
  • Aaron Ross - Predictable Revenue - Podcast
  • Barb Giamanco (deceased in 2020) - Sales Hardtalk for Top Sales World - Podcast - Selling Value
  • Lori Richardson - Score More Sales - Audio Interview - The Future of Sales
  • Will Barron - Salesman Red - Video Interview Traits of a Great Salesperson (2016 Gold Medal Winner)
  • Michael Mason - Smart Sales Pro Audio Interview Sales DNA (one of my favorites)
  • Will Barron - Salesman Red - Video Interview Why Salespeople Struggle
  • Frank Visgatis - Sales Rehab Podcast Audio Interview Get Prospects to Buy From You More Often
  • Evan Carmichael - Video Interview The Pitch
  • Jim Lobaito - Biz Talk Radio Audio Interview Sales Selection
  • Gerhardt Gschwandtner - Selling Power TV Video Interview A New Guide for Selling Value
  • Stu Heinecke - How to Get a Meeting with Anyone - Audio Interview
  • Gerhardt Gschwandtner - Selling Power TV - Video Interview Build & Manage a Great Sales Force
  • Jason Kanigan - Audio Interview Magical Phone Prospecting Tactics 
  • Jonathan Farrington (Deceased 2021) - Top Sales World - Audio Interview - Why Sales Managers are not More Effective
  • Evan Carmichael - Video Interview - Selling Value
  • Sales Mastery Summit - Video Interview - Sales Pipeline
  • Gerhardt Gschwandtner - Selling Power TV - Video Interview - Sales Leaders Need to Create Value (44,000 views)
  • Gerhardt Gschwandtner - Selling Power TV - Video Interview - What to do with Millennials
  • Gerhardt Gschwandtner - Selling Power TV - Video Interview - How to Create a Predictive Sales Model
  • Gerhardt Gschwandtner - Selling Power TV - Video Interview - How to Adapt to the Massive Changes in Selling
  • Gerhardt Gschwandtner - Selling Power TV - Video Interview - Sales Coaching
  • Gerhardt Gschwandtner - Selling Power TV Video Interview - Selling Value
  • Paul Watts - Sales Reinvented - Video Interview - Sales DNA
  • Will Barron - The Salesman Podcast - Video Interview - Is Excuse Making Holding you Back?
  • Kurt Mortenson - Maximize Your Influence Podcast - Audio Interview - Sales Process and More
  • Richard Smith - Refract TV - Video Interview - How to Achieve Great ROI from Sales Training
  • Jonathan Farrington (Deceased 2021) - Top Sales World Roundtable - Audio - Why are Sales Managers So Weak?
  • 2020 APS with Pete Evans - Audio Interview - The Importance of Evaluating Salespeople
  • 2020 Deborah Penta - - Audio Interview - Selling Through a Crisis
  • 2020 Bob Howard - Audio Interview - Cold Calling During Uncertain Times
  • 2020 Sales POP - Audio Interview - Selling During a Pandemic Crisis
  • 2020 Outside Sales Podcast Video Interview - Creating Sales Momentum
  • 2020 George Bronten - Video Interview - Sales Process and Methodology
  • 2020 Vendor Neutral Panel Discussion - Video - Delivering World Class Sales Training
  • 2020 Top Sales World Panel Discussion - Audio - The Future of Sales Team Training and Development
  • 2020 Tony Morris - Audio - Confessions of a Serial Salesperson
  • 2020 Jonathan Morris and Sales Loft - Audio - How to be in the Top 5%
  • 2020 Evolve with Lisa Leitsch - Video - 2021 and 2022 Predictions for the Sales Force
  • 2021 Wally Bressler's Own the Phone / Sales Secrets Show - Video
  • 2021 Fred Diamond - Video Interview - Urgency
  • 2021 PRX - Audio - Origins of OMG
  • 2021 PRX - Audio - How OMG Differentiates Sales Candidates that will ramp up quickly from others
  • 2021 NRP Video, Transcript - Sales Core Competencies, Data and Sales Process
  • 2021 Jason Marc Campbell - Selling with Love Audio
  • 2021 Alex Faust - Video - Hiring Salespeople During the Great Resignation
  • 2022 George Kriza - Video - Best Practices for Hiring Salespeople
  • 2022 Pete Evans - Audio - Overcoming the Challenges of Hiring Salespeople
  • 2022 Joe DiDonato Video - Recession-Proofing Your Sales Force
  • 2022 Bryan Whittington Video - Futures Trends in Sales

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