The Law of Opposites; Does This Description of Salespeople Offend?

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Mon, Nov 18, 2013 @ 12:11 PM

partyI'll get to it, but first bear with me...

Last week, I was driving into Boston to lead our fall Sales Leadership Intensive.  I was listening to the personalities on the Boston sports radio station discuss the client appreciation event that they attended the prior evening.  Coincidentally, several of their sales managers were supposed to attend our sales leadership event and were unable to be with us because they were required to be at the client appreciation event.

On the radio show, the host asked his co-host who he thought was the drunkest person at the party.  After reaching agreement on that, they made this memorable (for me) comment.  I have the comment in quotes but I might have a word or two wrong. I think I captured the gist of it though.

"Our salespeople are true professionals.  They are really good at these events.  The late nights, heavy drinking, schmoozing...  They do it practically every night, so they're used to it."

To me, the concept that salespeople entertain their clients in that fashion sounded very 70's.

Does this describe what you and your salespeople do today? 

Do your salespeople do this at trade shows?

Is this one of the stereotypes that people have when it comes to salespeople?

Do your customers, clients and prospects expect this kind of treatment?

In my opinion, this behavior is the complete opposite of how salespeople should behave, deals should get done and clients should be appreciated.  

Speaking of opposites, while reading this book (no comments about the kind of books I read - please stick to the topic), I came across the Law of Opposites which basically explains (not directly) what happens to salespeople.  The Law of Opposites suggests that when you want something, an opposing force, or opposite, will manifest itself.  We are supposed to persist, find a way, and overcome this resistance with our talents.  The most interesting aspect of this law is that opposites ONLY manfiest when we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.  So, if you or your salespeople are selling, and there isn't any resistance, you're doing something wrong!!

What do you think?

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SoldLab published this article of mine on their site last week.  This is a perfect time of year to review it as you plan for 2014.  And make sure you read how less is more, more is less, more is more, lower is higher, fewer is greater, bigger is smaller and harder is easier.

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