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Posted by Dave Kurlan on Sun, Feb 07, 2010 @ 20:02 PM

Clients who receive sales management coaching, training and development come to know what an effective sales coaching conversation sounds like.  You may not be privy to that so you might find last week's episode of Meet the Sales Experts helpful.

Chris Mott was my guest and he coached a live caller for about 30 minutes.  Listen to the show for a better sense of what every coaching conversation should sound like.  The following email was received from the live caller the day after the scheduled sales call:

"I did as you and Chris suggested...In the end, he suggested his PL department start quoting [us] more broadly to see how we perform, that he would reach out to one of the VPs to coordinate a meeting where I would introduce [our] products to
his producers, and also that I profile a book of his business.  It didn't
come easy, but it did come, at 'his suggestion'...Thanks so much for the

I've written several articles on coaching salespeople and one includes an actual email thread.  You can read them below:

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Click here to listen to the show.  Click here to contact Chris.

If you listened to the show, what did you learn that will help you?

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