Entering Sales - a Ten-Year Old's Perspective

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Mon, Dec 11, 2006 @ 18:12 PM

I'm going a little off topic today, but not way off topic.  I received an email from Tom Schaff, president of Exponentia Growth Systems.  He sent along an email he received from one of his clients, Dave Kruse, who attached his Ten-Year Old daughter Karissa's Halloween Wish.

It reads:

"I wish I could be a salesperson.  I would love going to work daily.  Every day someone new would come into my life.  I would have a partner who would be my dad.  Money would come easy.  People would know I could help them.  They could help me by buying more stuff and I would make more money.  I could help them by giving them beautiful molding."

The reason I passed this on is because Karissa's dad, Dave, has such a healthy concept of what it means to be successful in selling.  He must talk with her often about his day and those conversations must include his mentions of loving what he does, and helping people who come into his life.  It's so easy to talk about prospects in a negative way and we hear many salespeople do just that. What if all of your salespeople believed that money would come easily and that people knew your salespeople could help them?  How much more successful do you think they would become?

The collection of beliefs, possessed by your salespeople, is what we call Record Collection.  This collection can either support or sabotage their outcomes.  It's important to know and understand their records or beliefs so that you can better understand why they get the outcomes they get.  Objective Management Group, in its analysis of each salesperson ,uncovers up to 64 self-limiting records.

Thanks Karissa, for putting into words what most salespeople are unable to write.

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