Are You Giving it Away When Your Salespeople Don't Ask the Right Questions?

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Sun, Dec 16, 2007 @ 23:12 PM

Today I posted a case history that very effectively illustrates exactly what happens when your salespeople don't identify their prospect's compelling reasons to buy and how costly that can be.  This article also explains how simple it would have been for the salesperson to identify the compelling reasons and profitably make the sale.

This is selling 101.  Unfortunately, most salespeople aren't able to do this and most of their sales managers can't help them.  You must provide this coaching to your salespeople DAILY!  Your salespeople must be able to identify compelling reasons in their sleep.  You must be able to coach them to do this in your sleep.  If you can't, then you must get your salespeople evaluated and trained until they can do this easily, consistently and effectively. 

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