Analogies for Boosting Sales

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Thu, Jan 20, 2011 @ 23:01 PM

Plato and other great teachers throughout history have understood that an analogy can be the most effective way to convey an important message.  Analogies couch something unfamiliar or difficult to grasp in a familiar framework around which we can wrap our heads.  Now, I don't claim to be Platonian, but I do think that analogies are a great tool for helping people understand my particular area of expertise - sales. 

In keeping with that, I've created a series of some of my better analogies in the hope that they provide some of those "ah-ha" moments which are so valuable to improving your sales force.

Why Salespeople Need to Negotiate and 10 Other Timely Sales Lessons

How Coyotes are at the Heart of Sales Motivation

Preppers - Who They are and What They Share with Elite Salespeople

Breaking News - More Salespeople Suck Than Ever Before (and Why)

School of Rock the Musical Demonstrates Selling to Existing Customers and Customer Service

The Importance of Resiliency in Sales and Selling

You're Afraid to Sell Because You Think There is Hope

Leading a Sales Force is Even More Like Baseball - What Should it Cover and Include?

Sales Success is Like Making Great Tasting Soup - What Should it Cover and Include?

The Biggest Secret of Salespeople that Rock

Solitaire and Modern Sales Training - What Should it Cover and Include?

Sales Managers are Sometimes Like Cashiers

Are Salespeople Also Joggers?

Baseball, Sales Cycles, and the Quest for Shorter

Top 10 Mistakes Salespeople Make on the Phone (Funny Read)

Rejection: Does Selling Cause More Anxiety Than Dating?

Leads are Making Salespeople Lazier than Old Golden Retrievers

United Airlines Uses Customer Service This Way to Impact Sales

Fine Tune Your Sales Force as You Optimize Your Computer

How Stealing 2nd Base is the Secret to Today's Success in Sales

What the Sales World Can Learn from Marathon Participants

Great Salespeople See the Pixels, The Rest Watch the Movie

How the Landscape for Salespeople Changes Quickly

View From the Top - When Salespeople Call on Purchasing

To Salespeople Demos and Presentations are Like Snack Food

Music and Selling - There are Many More Similarities than You Think

How Selling is Just Like Driving a Car

Sales Coaching Lessons from the Baseball Files

Basketball and the Difference Between Sales Studs and Sales Duds

Illuminate and Dust Off Your Sales Force

Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson and the Sales Assessment Industry

Gaining Sales Traction is Like Talking to Kids

How to Use Playlists to be More Effective at Selling

Sales Strategy and Tactics - Thoughts from the Super Bowl

Great Sales Management Advice from Football's Greatest

Get Your Sales Force to Perform Magic and Watch the Sales Appear

Penn State Football Coach Just Like Dysfunctional Sales Management

The Nutcracker - Only 11% of Salespeople Do This at the End of a Sales Call

What Meteorologists Have in Common with Salespeople

How Gift Giving Mirrors the Sales Process 

Leaving Their Comfort Zone- Salespeople Are Like Children

Election Day Like Decision Making Day for A Sales Opportunity

My Sales Process, Strategies and Tactics in Your Voice

Running the Bases - The Single Biggest Mistake Sales People Make

Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow Could Be Your Veteran Salespeople

Professional Sales and the All-Star Jazz Performance

Weight Loss-How it Compares with Improved Sales Performance

Derek Jeter Shows Us How to Convert Leads to Opportunities

Lance Armstrong's Metrics Applied to Sales 

Putting for Eagle: Going for the Unlikely Close

The Sales Management Equivalent to Baseball's Pitch Count

Sales Effectiveness by Borrowing from Best Ball Tournaments 

Salespeople Aren't Made of Glass

A Toasted Bagel and 5 Minutes to Understand the Impact of Sales Training

Would Henry Ford be Able to Sell Cars Today?

Speed Limits, the Flow of Traffic, and Sales Pipelines

Examples of How Salespeople Lose Credibility with Their Prospects

How the Cheesecake Factory Menu Can Make You a Better Closer

Latest Data Shows Most Salespeople Would be Fired or Arrested if they Worked in Accounting

Would You Like to be Selling Guns Right Now?

What Salespeople Can Learn from Josh McDaniels Gutsy Reversal

It's OK for Salespeople to Lie When This Happens

Why Do Salespeople Use Facts and Logic to Combat Objections?

How Salespeople Must Run Stop Signs and Red Lights - Legally

Grammar - Why Commas Provide Sales Success Where Periods Fail

Predict the Weather but Control the Sales Forecast and Revenue

Successful Movie Franchises and the 10 Keys to Impactful Sales Coaching

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