Top 10 Ways to Accelerate the Sales Process - The Need for Speed

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Fri, Jan 28, 2011 @ 13:01 PM

expresslaneHave you ever noticed that when you choose the Express Checkout it always seems to have either the slowest register clerk, or there's an old lady paying who has already taken 10 minutes to find her wallet?

Have you ever noticed that during rush hour, the Express Lane for the toll booth is the only lane that isn't moving?

Have you noticed that whichever security line you choose at the airport will be the line that moves the slowest?

Road warriors are certainly familiar with the last two scenarios.  They have a need for speed and when they get on sales calls, the need for speed remains.  Perhaps you'll recognize some of these scenarios:

  • The prospect has another meeting in 25 minutes so there is a need to speed through the presentation;
  • The salesperson didn't ask for enough time in the initial meeting so there is a need to speed through this meeting to "get to the end";
  • The salesperson is most comfortable presenting, giving demos, talking capabilities, so there is a need to speed through the earlier stages/phases of the sales process to get to the "good part";
  • The salesperson is least comfortable asking tough, timely questions that might differentiate them from every other salesperson and "vendor" (their word, not mine) out there so there is a need to speed past the uncomfortable questions.

You've heard the expression "Speed Kills".

All four scenarios lead to lousy sales outcomes.  The surest way to create urgency, accelerate the sales process, eliminate the competition, get the prospect to self-qualify and spend more money on your solution, is to A B A N D O N the need for speed.  You can do that by:

  1. Asking for more time than you need;
  2. Making sure the right person is in the meeting;
  3. Spending a very long time - longer than a typical salesperson can stand - on asking good, tough, timely questions that differentiate your company from everyone else's;
  4. Become a master at uncovering the compelling business reasons why prospects will spend money to buy from you;
  5. Developing elite listening and questioning skills;
  6. Practicing #3 - 5
  7. Holding salespeople accountable to #3 -5
  8. Letting prospects know you'll be more expensive;
  9. Taking the time to identify compelling reasons that eliminate your competition;
  10. Never agree to write a proposal or quote unless you know the outcome before you do it.

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