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Posted by Dave Kurlan on Sun, Feb 17, 2008 @ 23:02 PM

Here's another post that uses a quote from our five-year old son.  We're excited about the new school he'll be attending next year and when we asked him if he was excited he said, "Yeah, I'll have my own stapler!"

Who would  have guessed it would come to staplers?  We thought it might be the library, teachers, campus, new friends, new subjects or the science lab. But staplers?

Lesson: We can assume that we know why people will want what we have, but unless we take the time to ask the right questions and learn what their compelling reasons are, we have a great chance of being wrong. 

Consequence: If we're wrong about the compelling reasons, we'll be wrong about the solution to present.

Action: Make sure your salespeople fully understand how to ask the right questions to get at compelling reasons.

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