Sales Competencies and Case Histories from Using Sales Assessments - The Series

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Wed, Aug 20, 2008 @ 10:08 AM

This series of articles describes the various case histories, findings and entertaining stories from assessments used on sales candidates and evaluations of sales forces.

Learn How We Discovered They Had the Wrong Salespeople

Will This Candidate Really Fail if I Hire Him? 

Case History - Achieve the Lowest Turnover in the Entire Sales Force

What Would You Do? Sales Force Attempts to Maintain Status Quo

Do Chain Reactions Like This Really Occur When Selling?

Are Women Less Trainable?

Every Sales Assessment Tells a Story - This is Fred's Story

After Accepting the Job Will Your Sales Candidate Back Out?

The Unusual Case of Arturo - How He Sabotaged His Own Sales

The Sales Assessment Client Who Didn't Renew After All These Years

Sales Assessment Findings - Another Preview of the Interview

10 Lessons from the Sales Candidate Who Smelled Like He Peed on Himself

Recruiters Fear Assessments

Sales Manager Resigns After Reading Sales Assessment

Sales Assessments Come to Life Part 2

The Top 10 Steps to Recruit Top Salespeople

Management Resistance to Topgrading the Sales Force

How Are Assessments Used?

When Management Gets Push Back

A Sales Management Candidate Shows His True Colors

Managing Salespeople that Work in a Remote Location

Can Sales Assessments Actually Predict On the Job Performance?

Sales Candidate Doesn't Qualify

It's a Misunderstanding

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Sales Candidates - How to Get the Ones You Want Part 2

Sales Candidates - How to Get the Ones You Want Part 1

How Do You Find the Right Sales Candidates?

Hiring Salespeople - Phone Interview Comes to Life Part 3

Hiring Salespeople - Phone Interview Comes to Life Part 2

Hiring Salespeople - Phone Interview Comes to Life Part 1

I Don't Believe This Stuff

More Hirable Sales Candidates

This Salesperson Was A Great Employee But I Wouldn't Hire Him Again

They Couldn't All Be Bad

Why Isn't This Salesperson Hirable?

Denial Over a Sales Force Evaluation

Personality Tests - Are They Worth the Risk?

The Correlation Between the Findings and Performance

Sales Assessment More Accurate Than Management Thinks

10 Reasons for HR to Hire Winning Salespeople Using Assessments

Will This Candidate Really Fail if I Hire Him? 

The Phony Baloney Sales Superstar

Case History - Another Pitiful Sales Cold Call Exposed

A Good Look at Bad Salespeople - Companies Don't Get This!

Analogies for Boosting Sales

Why You Must Understand This about Desire for Sales Success

Sales Selection Experiment - Part 2 - It's Back!

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