Sales Pipeline - How to Make it Accurate and Predictive

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Mon, May 11, 2009 @ 10:05 AM

I've written about the sales pipeline as much as any topic.  I end up spending 20-30 minutes on the sales pipeline in nearly every speaking engagement I give.  I have created pipeline applications in Excel and for the Web.  After we evaluate a client's sales force, the 2nd thing (after sales process) we work on is their pipeline and the metrics required to make it work, followed by how to hold salespeople accountable to it.  I review and coach from the pipeline for my own companies every day. That's an awful lot of focus on the pipeline.  Why?  Because from what I've seen, more than 90% of the companies don't have one that is useful, predictive, accurate, up to date, or even readable.

Would you like to change that?  Would you like to have an accurate and predictive pipeline that you can coach and manage from? Join me on Thursday, May 14, at 11:30 AM ET, for How to Close More Sales by Managing the Pipeline More Effectively.  This fast-paced webinar is all about the pipeline - from pitfalls to winning strategies - and how you can develop one that works at your company.  Would you like to attend?  Just follow this link for more information and to register. By the way, I've presented this one a couple of times before and it is always rated among the best!

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