Hierarchy of Sales Coaching - How to Change Behavior

Posted by Dave Kurlan on Tue, Sep 15, 2009 @ 05:09 AM

Seth Godin posted a great article on hierarchy of success.

Speaking of hierarchy, here is what I believe to be the hierarchy for changing sales behavior:

  1. Clear expectations - what needs to change and why?
  2. Timeline - (not 30/60 or 90 days) - you expect to start seeing these changes tomorrow.
  3. Measurables - what you'll be looking for and how you'll measure the change.
  4. Consequences - what will happen if you don't see the change you need.

Speaking of changing sales behavior, it's a huge part of sales coaching and today Keith Rosen launches a new book on the subject, called Coaching Salespeople into Champions.  Keith has a special promotion on the book too.

Order Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions over the next 72 hours and enjoy access to hundreds of dollars worth of additional bonus materials from dozens of the world's top sales and business thought leaders (including me). You can spend hundreds of dollars separately or you can invest about $20.00, order one copy of Keith's book today and spend not one penny more. Look at the resources you get here.

One thing that stood out in reading about Keith's book is that rather than fill this book with fabricated case studies and hypothetical scenarios, every story you read is based on actual events, genuine scenarios, and real people you can relate to who Keith has actually coached.

You'll discover how to facilitate a coaching conversation that fits your management style-the same system Keith uses to coach thousands of salespeople, business owners, and managers. You'll also find out what to say in any situation as well as the language and dialog that the world's greatest coaches use. There's also dozens of actual case studies spanning over 15 different industries and professions, templates, scripts, masterful coaching questions and an easy-to-follow coaching process regarding how to apply these techniques.

Click here to get more information and/or to order his book.

Speaking of coaching salespeople into champions, your last chance to see me in 2009 is November 3, when I keynote an Executive Luncheon that will also be streamed live worldwide.

If you are in the New England area and within an hour or two of Bentley University, and would like to attend the luncheon (Presidents, CEO's Directors, Sales VP's, HR Directors, Partners) you can click here for more information and/or to register.  

If you are not in New England and would like the event streamed to your desktop, click here for more information and/or to register.

Use Discount Code DK1103 and you won't have to pay!

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