At Ease with Money in Selling - A Hidden Gemstone

Posted by Chris Mott on Mon, Jun 17, 2019 @ 15:06 PM


Are you at ease when you must dig in and have a difficult conversation with a prospect about finances?  Whether they have the money, where it could come from, how they would get it, how much they could get, what it would take, who they must speak with, what they could reprioritize, and a host of other money related topics?

The table below shows the percentage of salespeople with strengths in a range of competencies based on whether they Comfortable Talking about Money or it's a weakness. As you can see, salespeople who are comfortable talking about money are much stronger in other competencies than salespeople who are not comfortable talking about money. The percentage(s) show how much stronger they are in that area.

Watch this short video to learn more about this hidden gem and its impact.

Check out my short video below to better understand this concept.


If you would like to improve your level of comfort talking about money, check out the Sales DNA Modifier. It will help you fix Money Discomfort and nine other Sales DNA challenges! 

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